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fuck everyone

this week has totally sucked- its probably the worst day ever too. i dont want to sound emo or anything, but my life currently sucks ass.
it all started when someone was smoking pot in the girls upstairs bathroom at school. and everyone thought i did it. and i didnt. so then i went over riedingers and had fun with jess and joe and then came back and went to bed. then the next day i really didnt feel good and said so and andy suggested i stay home with him and hang out and clean the barn. and it seemed like a good idea so i did. mind you, this was the one and only time i ever skipped school without my mother's knowledge. so i thought i would be ok and there wouldnt be a problem, but as always, shit blew up in my face. after cleaning the barn and everyone got out of school, jessi took me to my moms work.there i hung out with joe and bly and cleaned bly's car and everything was fine. when i got home, however, miss minelli had left a message on my machine asking my mother to please call her as soon as possible. and i knew i was fucked. so the next morning(today) my mother took me to school and we stopped in to see minelli. and she then proceeded to tell my mother that i was not in school yesterday, she knew that i had skipped, and she would be pressing charges against me, and we would have to go to the magestrate. she then convinced my mom to plead against me in court so all of the charges would be on me and not her. and then she told her about the pot and said i was a huge suspect. fuck her.
all in all, i am no longer getting my license anytime soon, i have to pay the entire fine by myself, i wont be having a job this summer, i cant use the phone or watch tv until july 20, i cant see aaron, and theres no way in hell im going to the riedingers. the thing that kills me is that the barn is so damn clean and nice and now i wont be able to see it for forever. also, the fact that i have to wait another fucking lifetime to get my license is about to make me slit my wrists. minelli can fuck herself.
the only thing is, the school doesnt know i live in springville, and dont know my new number. this means that someone who is close enough to me to have my new number gave it to minelli. so whoever you are, fuck you.
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