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sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay

so im in class and still trying to make an LT website. and it sucks real hard. so today i had a math test that i know i failed, and then i had a bio test that i think i did ok on. and lyss cried because teachers are douchebags. i cried because the kids at this fucking school are douchebags. and im sitting next to brian murphy who's ass is really nice. and i realize that in almost all of my recent updates brian is in them. well. its because i love him. and hes not a douchebag. tonight im going to alexs and hopefully hanging out with some cool people. and then tomorrow im going out with sally, to do some shopping. and i might go shopping with merl today, but im not too sure yet. its only 11 a.m. so i have plenty of time to make plans. oh man. only 23 days of school left, which means only 23 days of worrying about grades. and, i found out that elk lake's education schedule is completely different from Trail's. like, they dont have honors- they have AP, which is cool, because then i only have to take things like AP writing and college prep writing, which is what i want to do with my life. this also means i can take regular math and science, and all will be cool, as i can focus on important shit--at trail im forced to take honors everything. oh, and 40 more days til i get my license. sweet deal. oh, by the way, all the fucking jock assholes that attend trail, you can go fuck yourselves. what i do and who i do it with is none of your business, and its pathetic that you think it is. you should all go fuck yourselves.
on a higher note, aaron should be coming soon- and he'll be bringing his camarro. i cant wait. summer will rock.
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olive you.. much..

<333 x 10.. yes, i love technology