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Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair

so i havent updated in quite awhile and im at riedingers and im bored so im updating. not too much has gone on- i went out on 4/20 with some sweet ass people and had a blast.(pigroast, anyone?) then i went home for once and did some boring things like feed the llamas and such. then in school on friday i almost peed my pants- lyss you are spectacular. and really good at walking. and walking down stairs. and then on saturday i went shopping with my mother, and then came to alex's. and mark was there and hes cool but i wonder about him. and then we sat around listening to some self absorbed freak talk about how cool they really are. and then saturday night me and alex went out with jessi and mandy and drove around and went to walmart and got big wooden beads and lotion. and the lotion smells so so good. so then we came home and some one freaked out because they think they need to know everything about my life and they dont realize i dont give a fuck if they jumped off a bridge. i only tolerate because i have to. and realize just how many friends they dont have. and then something happened with mandy because her mom was pissed or something, and she went home and alex and i watched tv and fell asleep. it rained really hard last night and the lighting was so fucking cool. oh man. i think im getting sick.
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