rocksteadyrosta (rocksteadyrosta) wrote,


so yeah, i havent been on LJ in a good while- mostly because i became a huge myspace whore- and addict. That is, until my mother found mine, via a "friend" of hers, and due to one of my pictures having the caption "i smoke rocks", i was in a bit of trouble, as the friend took the caption as meaning that i indulge in smoking crack cocaine. This is, of course, not true, as anyone who knows me knows that i prefer heroin-laced-PCP to anything else.
so yes, also, alyssa has decided to bring back LJ, and i thought, what the hell, right? maybe ill de-stress myself by venting. even if no one is reading. oh yeah, im dating sean? like, who knew. i didnt even see that one coming. oh well. im alright- even if i no longer have driving priveleges, a car, or freedom. all i can currently hope for is a cool probation officer. the chances arent too likely though. better luck next time.
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