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Your brain has the shell on it.

8 August
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My name is shannon and i live outside of a sucky little town in northeastern pennsylvania. my school, Lackawanna Trail, or Lack of knowledge jail, is probably the worst piece of shit i have ever seen in my short life. My favorite thing in the world is jersey. My goal in life is to find Sean Hennessy, and to be a porn star with big boobs. I also like bob marley, led zeppelin, pink floyd, nirvana, and jack johnson, to name a few. I am also a fan of ben harper, because he is the fucking shit. My BFFE is alyssa, because shes so damn hawt and cool. I also like alex, because he is my get-high buddy. We have lots of fun. I cannot wait to get out of this place, and i will never never come back.

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