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almost there

so tomorrow is my last day of school for the year and forever at Lack of Knowledge Jail. My only worry is that my loves here will forget me- but that is the ONLY thing im worried about.
i took my math final and def failed, but ive come to the realization that i simply dont give a fuck anymore. i dont care about anything. i dont want the people that i care about to go away, and i def dont want brian to go to college. (unforunately for me, he did pass all of his classes and will graduate friday.) and also, i just want the whole truancy thing to be over so i can go to court and be done. i want to pay my fine, find out my sentence, and get my car. thats all i ask for. i dont want to go to connecticut- i just want to stay here- at least until everyone else is gone. im so goddamn emo today, probably because im supposed to be getting my period and that hasnt happened yet. (no worries, i havent been that lucky in quite some time) but idk. i want to go outwith brian tomorrow but my moms being an uber bitch and im not sure if ill be able to. i hate that simple shit gets her pissed off, so i have to be extra nice and do everything she wants just to get one little thing. elders suck.
i was thinking about going friends only, and then i thought that would be stupid. ive always been open about everything in my life, so why change it now?
its better to let people know your thoughts, even if they feel the need to write annoying anonymous bullshit comments. i dont care. COMMENT AS YOU PLEASE.
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