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i hate it here

i havent updated in a bit--ive been gone- so here goes
this weekend i went to boston with chris and had the best time ever. i hadnt been up there in sooo long and i missed everyone- especially my godmother and angela. chris and i left around 4pm thursday and drove up in his yellow- convertable 1979 Fiat. So hawt. and it was kinda cold, but soo worth it to ride in that car. it killed me going through connecticut and not stopping to see aaron, as he lives in new haven, which is so close.
so chris and i arrived in Boston around 10:30 p.m. and i was tired as a mother and cranky and all i wanted to do was sleep. so i did. then, the next morning we got up and went to arlington to get bagels and then went to Harvard Square and Urban Outiftters where i got some stuff. we also went to Newberry Comics and this upscale Salvation Army, which i havent been to in a long time and the shit is so cool.and then we drove around a little and were going to go back into the city but it was 3p.m. and from 3 til 7 in boston it is Impossible to go back and forth because the traffic sucks ass. saturday my godmother and her sister and jon henry went to chestnut hill which is west of boston and went to legal seafood, bambinis, and bloomingdales, where i got some sweet Juicy flip flops. Then i drove angelas car around arlington and cambridge and went to starbucks. i then spent the night at angelas and talked to aaron and watched Napoleon and A series of unfortunate events. which is absolutely amazing. the next day was sunday and we had to go home and we were supposed to leave at 9am but didnt end up leaving until 1130 because chris was late. so then we headed home and I got to drive that sweet ass car and it was so fun except the damn clutch is hard to push in-- other than that i did ok. and it also kind of scared ne when chris was like "your going fucking 60 miles per hour on the highway-- fuckin go!" and then i would go 85 and hed bitch that i was going too fast. but in the end it was all good and i improved my driving skills of a standard and did damn well if i do say so myself. and im now realizing that i hate it here in nepa and i dont belong here and i need to get out as soon as i can. this means improving my grades because college is my only ticket out. so, im going to work on my extra credit report for richter so i can actually pass the damn class and hopefully get out of this dump.
um, later.
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