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this weekend

so this weekend was a whole lot of fun- my weekend started with wednesday when i went to alexs. and then thursday i went to sallys, and then went there friday saturday and sunday night also. Friday night alyssa called and kara megan shawna alyssa and i went to the pool hall, which was a bitchin time. there was some really really hot kid from scranton in a pink shirt who's name was Rich. oh man. and lyss and i went around to random guys and handed them KFC slips with our number and stupid sayings like "its only herpes" on them. oh man. some kids were mad cool about it and theyd laugh and stuff, but then some people were total assholes and didnt even look at them! what jerks. and then we came home and i went back to sallys and then sunday we went to the market of fleas. and i got some incence and some other stuff like wicked necklaces. and then on the way home, we were at Mr. Z's and got some stuff to eat. and then as we were leaving, sallys car (which will soon be mine) BROKE. oh man. its a standard, and the starter was fucked, and so we were stuck in Mr. Z's parking lot until chris came to help us. the BEST thing of all was Miss Minelli was also at this particular grocery store, and was all asking us if we needed a ride home and stuff. how do you politely say that "no, we dont need your fucking help, but thanks". there's just no way. especially after she threatened to take me to the majestrate for tardys to school. bitch. and then i was late to school this morning because the car wouldnt start. oh man-- another tardy for me.
so yeah, thats how my weekend went- and now im sitting next to brian leonard- who is so damn cool. and i havent talked to aaron all weekend, which really worries me- wtf. oh well- this too shall pass bitches.
have a good day.
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