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the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older....

im in school right now speaking to the one and only gorgeous BRIAN leonard murphy and boy does he have just THE nicest ass ever. EVER. not much has gone on lately but i felt the need to update just because im bored out of my burnt mind. the other night i hungout with andy and we had heart to heart talks and i feel better about things now. hes a fucking cool ass kid. and lyss made me only the best necklace EVER- its got the coolest glass bead. im so excited just to be wearing it. honestly.
so this weekend DJ and danielle are coming to my house because they're my moms boyfriends kids and im excited about DJ but not danielle because shes kind of a scumbag fat whore. they attend Montrose High School. and then on sunday i have to go to my little cousin's first holy communion which will be total hell- church is for losers. i also have to deal with the rest of my faggot family- whom i dont speak to anymore as they all have the opinion that im a "drug addict". well fuck them. honestly. who the hell needs family. psssh. ive got my llamas.
oh man, a bunch of little sixth graders just walked into the classroom because they're here for orientation. and i just said "what a fucking bitch" about my cousins girlfriend and then i turned around and there's six little kids standing behind me. i feel like such an ass. oh man. and brians laughing. buts its ok because he has the nicest ass ever.
im making an awesome web page about LT. in all actuality, it sucks, and i'll prolly end up getting an f. i cant state that i sincerely care. at all. but, i do have to do something producitve, so im off.
peace easy....
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