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at the redheads

oh man. so yesterday we had this bitchin field trip to scranton high school.and we saw a play. on antigone. it was the worst play i have ever seen in my life, but i love scranton high school. damn am i jealous. their school is so damn big and nice. and it was a really cool trip because lyss and dempsey were there and i love them. and bobby was there too and we got into a fight, but then things were cool. however, when we got to the damn highschool, we had to stand outside FOREVER because the first play wasnt over yet, and it was a little chilly outside. and we were hanging out with keri, whos step brother goes to scranton. and his name is justin and hes pretty damn cool too. im a fan. so then we just walked around and keri saw lots of people she knew and we watched the play and fucked around until it was time to leave. and then we went to keyser avenue outside of scranton to get some food, and me and lyss went to mcdonalds to get mcflurrys and demps and keri went to KFC. who, by the way, torture their chickens.oh man, and then on the way home, we all wanted to see bobbys penis. so the deal was that we would see it if alyssa and i made out. you see, alyssa and i laugh everytime we try to make out, so it was hard. but finally, we did it and switched gum and it was all good. and we saw bobbys penis (YOU ARE HUGE) hahahah. oh man. im gonna miss shit like this next year. so then today i came over alexs, but he was still at blinkys, so i went with emily and lauren to clarks summit and saw bobich and went to the dollar store and got some bitchin' incense. good times. and now im waiting for alex to get home so we could go sit on the roof or something. peace.
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