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yeah so im here in exploring the internet class and im bored as hell. and im talking to world famous brian murphy and damn is he cool. not too much has happened. and i really feel like i have no life. and i miss aaron. oh, so yesterday i went shopping with merl. haha. what a fun time. merl doesnt rush me when i shop, so it was all good. i obtained a zeppelin tee, along with a hendrix tee, some mad hot jim morrison cop shades, and a mad cool purse. yeah. and then we came back to the high school and i chilled with greg and watched him polevault. damn do i miss track. oh, and im sunburned as a mother because i was over alexs all weekend, and we went for endless walks and layed in the sun. yeah. we have some good times. oh man. and i also stole a cd player for alex because he doesnt have one. this means he will love me forever. so when we're bored as hell and in his room staring at the walls because we're in a different state of mind, well have some good shit to listen too. damn am i thoughtful. anyways, im about to get in trouble for writing in here instead of doing some classwork. so, im out.
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