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bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

mk. so not a lot has happened, but i made up with emily, as its just not fighting about. and, i always say how i hate high school bullshit and how im not into it, and then i realized that this is exactly what it is: bullshit. theres just no space for tension, and i thought about something really depressing. i mean, if i cant even get along with one of my friends, how is the rest of the world supposed to get along, and like, stop world destruction? idk. im not really sure what im saying. emily and stemmie woke me and alex up, which was all good, as i got some chicken bites from gins. mmmmmm. and im a real big fan of "alan", you are one cool person, no matter who judges you for your past. you have changed so damn much and i enjoy chilling with you at the barn, and i hope you stay the way you are. forever. anyways, im over alexs for the weekend, and really hope to be going to the mall soon. i wouldnt mind going now, but its a little late, id say around 3 a.m. haha. good song. anyways, im off to watch south park with the kiddies. peace easy.
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