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ahhh life.   
10:49am 10/05/2006
mood: apathetic
so life is pretty good- i met this hawt boy zach and he has a hawt car. oh yeah, and ive been hanging out with lyss alot, which basically makes my life ten times better. idk. i think its her karma or something. all i know is that when im with her, its great, and there are no worries. dino and francescos is pretty much the best thing in the world, if only because it leads me to boys with gti's. awww. cuteness. oh yeah, and i have a three and a half hour detention this saturday, which is going to majorly suck ass. goddamn chemistry teachers. oh well, at least the night should be good. alyssa + shannon+ zach+ john (haha)= spectacular night.
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12:26pm 18/04/2006
mood: productive
so yeah, i havent been on LJ in a good while- mostly because i became a huge myspace whore- and addict. That is, until my mother found mine, via a "friend" of hers, and due to one of my pictures having the caption "i smoke rocks", i was in a bit of trouble, as the friend took the caption as meaning that i indulge in smoking crack cocaine. This is, of course, not true, as anyone who knows me knows that i prefer heroin-laced-PCP to anything else.
so yes, also, alyssa has decided to bring back LJ, and i thought, what the hell, right? maybe ill de-stress myself by venting. even if no one is reading. oh yeah, im dating sean? like, who knew. i didnt even see that one coming. oh well. im alright- even if i no longer have driving priveleges, a car, or freedom. all i can currently hope for is a cool probation officer. the chances arent too likely though. better luck next time.
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10:36pm 22/06/2005
  um i havent updated in a while basically because im kind of bored of livejournal and have moved on to myspace. im sorry. quick update: im currently residing at the place where i babysit- right next to my old house. its pretty cool because i love being here and its the same as living home. tonight i went to the carnival with lyss and we saw bunches of ppl, including the barn boys. i was pretty excted. i love joe and nordahl and andy. i also saw zach whom i havent seen in a while. so then alyssa rob and dave and stever (?) went to the pump and then just drove around. then rob gave me a ride home cuz hes cool. thats about all.
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this sucks big time   
03:09pm 12/06/2005
mood: blank
so i guess im not coming back to trail anymore, which blows big time...
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almost there   
10:16am 01/06/2005
mood: bitchy
so tomorrow is my last day of school for the year and forever at Lack of Knowledge Jail. My only worry is that my loves here will forget me- but that is the ONLY thing im worried about.
i took my math final and def failed, but ive come to the realization that i simply dont give a fuck anymore. i dont care about anything. i dont want the people that i care about to go away, and i def dont want brian to go to college. (unforunately for me, he did pass all of his classes and will graduate friday.) and also, i just want the whole truancy thing to be over so i can go to court and be done. i want to pay my fine, find out my sentence, and get my car. thats all i ask for. i dont want to go to connecticut- i just want to stay here- at least until everyone else is gone. im so goddamn emo today, probably because im supposed to be getting my period and that hasnt happened yet. (no worries, i havent been that lucky in quite some time) but idk. i want to go outwith brian tomorrow but my moms being an uber bitch and im not sure if ill be able to. i hate that simple shit gets her pissed off, so i have to be extra nice and do everything she wants just to get one little thing. elders suck.
i was thinking about going friends only, and then i thought that would be stupid. ive always been open about everything in my life, so why change it now?
its better to let people know your thoughts, even if they feel the need to write annoying anonymous bullshit comments. i dont care. COMMENT AS YOU PLEASE.
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memorial day bitches   
09:53am 30/05/2005
mood: content
so this weekend was um pretty good- happy birthday to my beloved alyssa stubs. friday night i went out with brian and we ultimately saw star wars III and i had a fucking great time. saturday i went to montrose and went to everything natural and bought stuff and went to sleep at 6:30 because i was exhausted from the night before. so then sunday my mom went to rome and i was bored here all day and then went out with brian again and watched star wars and garden state (again) at his house. today im supposed to be studying for the finals so i could maybe pass the tenth grade and go somewhere in life but i probably wont touch any study material and instead just like stare at the wall. idk. its also possible that i may get around to taking a shower. you never know with me. im unpredictable bitches.
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things are better :)   
11:52am 20/05/2005
mood: giddy
so now that everything has had time to settle down things are alot better. my mom isn't as bitchy, and im still allowed to go places- especially the barn- i feel so relieved. not much else has gone on except for the fact that DJ came over this weekend and we had to go to a family thing in Dunmore, which sucked ass.
and now im watching Brian and Josh dance to Fletcher Techno. Um yeah. its great
oh yeah AND i got a job- at everything natural!!! YAY me!!!!
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fuck everyone   
11:13am 20/05/2005
mood: angry
this week has totally sucked- its probably the worst day ever too. i dont want to sound emo or anything, but my life currently sucks ass.
it all started when someone was smoking pot in the girls upstairs bathroom at school. and everyone thought i did it. and i didnt. so then i went over riedingers and had fun with jess and joe and then came back and went to bed. then the next day i really didnt feel good and said so and andy suggested i stay home with him and hang out and clean the barn. and it seemed like a good idea so i did. mind you, this was the one and only time i ever skipped school without my mother's knowledge. so i thought i would be ok and there wouldnt be a problem, but as always, shit blew up in my face. after cleaning the barn and everyone got out of school, jessi took me to my moms work.there i hung out with joe and bly and cleaned bly's car and everything was fine. when i got home, however, miss minelli had left a message on my machine asking my mother to please call her as soon as possible. and i knew i was fucked. so the next morning(today) my mother took me to school and we stopped in to see minelli. and she then proceeded to tell my mother that i was not in school yesterday, she knew that i had skipped, and she would be pressing charges against me, and we would have to go to the magestrate. she then convinced my mom to plead against me in court so all of the charges would be on me and not her. and then she told her about the pot and said i was a huge suspect. fuck her.
all in all, i am no longer getting my license anytime soon, i have to pay the entire fine by myself, i wont be having a job this summer, i cant use the phone or watch tv until july 20, i cant see aaron, and theres no way in hell im going to the riedingers. the thing that kills me is that the barn is so damn clean and nice and now i wont be able to see it for forever. also, the fact that i have to wait another fucking lifetime to get my license is about to make me slit my wrists. minelli can fuck herself.
the only thing is, the school doesnt know i live in springville, and dont know my new number. this means that someone who is close enough to me to have my new number gave it to minelli. so whoever you are, fuck you.
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i hate it here   
11:33am 16/05/2005
mood: depressed
i havent updated in a bit--ive been gone- so here goes
this weekend i went to boston with chris and had the best time ever. i hadnt been up there in sooo long and i missed everyone- especially my godmother and angela. chris and i left around 4pm thursday and drove up in his yellow- convertable 1979 Fiat. So hawt. and it was kinda cold, but soo worth it to ride in that car. it killed me going through connecticut and not stopping to see aaron, as he lives in new haven, which is so close.
so chris and i arrived in Boston around 10:30 p.m. and i was tired as a mother and cranky and all i wanted to do was sleep. so i did. then, the next morning we got up and went to arlington to get bagels and then went to Harvard Square and Urban Outiftters where i got some stuff. we also went to Newberry Comics and this upscale Salvation Army, which i havent been to in a long time and the shit is so cool.and then we drove around a little and were going to go back into the city but it was 3p.m. and from 3 til 7 in boston it is Impossible to go back and forth because the traffic sucks ass. saturday my godmother and her sister and jon henry went to chestnut hill which is west of boston and went to legal seafood, bambinis, and bloomingdales, where i got some sweet Juicy flip flops. Then i drove angelas car around arlington and cambridge and went to starbucks. i then spent the night at angelas and talked to aaron and watched Napoleon and A series of unfortunate events. which is absolutely amazing. the next day was sunday and we had to go home and we were supposed to leave at 9am but didnt end up leaving until 1130 because chris was late. so then we headed home and I got to drive that sweet ass car and it was so fun except the damn clutch is hard to push in-- other than that i did ok. and it also kind of scared ne when chris was like "your going fucking 60 miles per hour on the highway-- fuckin go!" and then i would go 85 and hed bitch that i was going too fast. but in the end it was all good and i improved my driving skills of a standard and did damn well if i do say so myself. and im now realizing that i hate it here in nepa and i dont belong here and i need to get out as soon as i can. this means improving my grades because college is my only ticket out. so, im going to work on my extra credit report for richter so i can actually pass the damn class and hopefully get out of this dump.
um, later.
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this weekend   
11:56am 09/05/2005
mood: chipper
so this weekend was a whole lot of fun- my weekend started with wednesday when i went to alexs. and then thursday i went to sallys, and then went there friday saturday and sunday night also. Friday night alyssa called and kara megan shawna alyssa and i went to the pool hall, which was a bitchin time. there was some really really hot kid from scranton in a pink shirt who's name was Rich. oh man. and lyss and i went around to random guys and handed them KFC slips with our number and stupid sayings like "its only herpes" on them. oh man. some kids were mad cool about it and theyd laugh and stuff, but then some people were total assholes and didnt even look at them! what jerks. and then we came home and i went back to sallys and then sunday we went to the market of fleas. and i got some incence and some other stuff like wicked necklaces. and then on the way home, we were at Mr. Z's and got some stuff to eat. and then as we were leaving, sallys car (which will soon be mine) BROKE. oh man. its a standard, and the starter was fucked, and so we were stuck in Mr. Z's parking lot until chris came to help us. the BEST thing of all was Miss Minelli was also at this particular grocery store, and was all asking us if we needed a ride home and stuff. how do you politely say that "no, we dont need your fucking help, but thanks". there's just no way. especially after she threatened to take me to the majestrate for tardys to school. bitch. and then i was late to school this morning because the car wouldnt start. oh man-- another tardy for me.
so yeah, thats how my weekend went- and now im sitting next to brian leonard- who is so damn cool. and i havent talked to aaron all weekend, which really worries me- wtf. oh well- this too shall pass bitches.
have a good day.
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sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay   
10:52am 04/05/2005
mood: pissed off
so im in class and still trying to make an LT website. and it sucks real hard. so today i had a math test that i know i failed, and then i had a bio test that i think i did ok on. and lyss cried because teachers are douchebags. i cried because the kids at this fucking school are douchebags. and im sitting next to brian murphy who's ass is really nice. and i realize that in almost all of my recent updates brian is in them. well. its because i love him. and hes not a douchebag. tonight im going to alexs and hopefully hanging out with some cool people. and then tomorrow im going out with sally, to do some shopping. and i might go shopping with merl today, but im not too sure yet. its only 11 a.m. so i have plenty of time to make plans. oh man. only 23 days of school left, which means only 23 days of worrying about grades. and, i found out that elk lake's education schedule is completely different from Trail's. like, they dont have honors- they have AP, which is cool, because then i only have to take things like AP writing and college prep writing, which is what i want to do with my life. this also means i can take regular math and science, and all will be cool, as i can focus on important shit--at trail im forced to take honors everything. oh, and 40 more days til i get my license. sweet deal. oh, by the way, all the fucking jock assholes that attend trail, you can go fuck yourselves. what i do and who i do it with is none of your business, and its pathetic that you think it is. you should all go fuck yourselves.
on a higher note, aaron should be coming soon- and he'll be bringing his camarro. i cant wait. summer will rock.
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11:33am 29/04/2005
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the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older....   
11:33am 29/04/2005
mood: chipper
im in school right now speaking to the one and only gorgeous BRIAN leonard murphy and boy does he have just THE nicest ass ever. EVER. not much has gone on lately but i felt the need to update just because im bored out of my burnt mind. the other night i hungout with andy and we had heart to heart talks and i feel better about things now. hes a fucking cool ass kid. and lyss made me only the best necklace EVER- its got the coolest glass bead. im so excited just to be wearing it. honestly.
so this weekend DJ and danielle are coming to my house because they're my moms boyfriends kids and im excited about DJ but not danielle because shes kind of a scumbag fat whore. they attend Montrose High School. and then on sunday i have to go to my little cousin's first holy communion which will be total hell- church is for losers. i also have to deal with the rest of my faggot family- whom i dont speak to anymore as they all have the opinion that im a "drug addict". well fuck them. honestly. who the hell needs family. psssh. ive got my llamas.
oh man, a bunch of little sixth graders just walked into the classroom because they're here for orientation. and i just said "what a fucking bitch" about my cousins girlfriend and then i turned around and there's six little kids standing behind me. i feel like such an ass. oh man. and brians laughing. buts its ok because he has the nicest ass ever.
im making an awesome web page about LT. in all actuality, it sucks, and i'll prolly end up getting an f. i cant state that i sincerely care. at all. but, i do have to do something producitve, so im off.
peace easy....
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Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair   
12:13pm 24/04/2005
mood: mellow
so i havent updated in quite awhile and im at riedingers and im bored so im updating. not too much has gone on- i went out on 4/20 with some sweet ass people and had a blast.(pigroast, anyone?) then i went home for once and did some boring things like feed the llamas and such. then in school on friday i almost peed my pants- lyss you are spectacular. and really good at walking. and walking down stairs. and then on saturday i went shopping with my mother, and then came to alex's. and mark was there and hes cool but i wonder about him. and then we sat around listening to some self absorbed freak talk about how cool they really are. and then saturday night me and alex went out with jessi and mandy and drove around and went to walmart and got big wooden beads and lotion. and the lotion smells so so good. so then we came home and some one freaked out because they think they need to know everything about my life and they dont realize i dont give a fuck if they jumped off a bridge. i only tolerate because i have to. and realize just how many friends they dont have. and then something happened with mandy because her mom was pissed or something, and she went home and alex and i watched tv and fell asleep. it rained really hard last night and the lighting was so fucking cool. oh man. i think im getting sick.
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at the redheads   
03:24pm 16/04/2005
mood: amused
oh man. so yesterday we had this bitchin field trip to scranton high school.and we saw a play. on antigone. it was the worst play i have ever seen in my life, but i love scranton high school. damn am i jealous. their school is so damn big and nice. and it was a really cool trip because lyss and dempsey were there and i love them. and bobby was there too and we got into a fight, but then things were cool. however, when we got to the damn highschool, we had to stand outside FOREVER because the first play wasnt over yet, and it was a little chilly outside. and we were hanging out with keri, whos step brother goes to scranton. and his name is justin and hes pretty damn cool too. im a fan. so then we just walked around and keri saw lots of people she knew and we watched the play and fucked around until it was time to leave. and then we went to keyser avenue outside of scranton to get some food, and me and lyss went to mcdonalds to get mcflurrys and demps and keri went to KFC. who, by the way, torture their chickens.oh man, and then on the way home, we all wanted to see bobbys penis. so the deal was that we would see it if alyssa and i made out. you see, alyssa and i laugh everytime we try to make out, so it was hard. but finally, we did it and switched gum and it was all good. and we saw bobbys penis (YOU ARE HUGE) hahahah. oh man. im gonna miss shit like this next year. so then today i came over alexs, but he was still at blinkys, so i went with emily and lauren to clarks summit and saw bobich and went to the dollar store and got some bitchin' incense. good times. and now im waiting for alex to get home so we could go sit on the roof or something. peace.
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oh man   
11:33am 13/04/2005
mood: bouncy

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o man   
11:46am 12/04/2005

Your Inner European is Irish!

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11:33am 12/04/2005
mood: weird
yeah so im here in exploring the internet class and im bored as hell. and im talking to world famous brian murphy and damn is he cool. not too much has happened. and i really feel like i have no life. and i miss aaron. oh, so yesterday i went shopping with merl. haha. what a fun time. merl doesnt rush me when i shop, so it was all good. i obtained a zeppelin tee, along with a hendrix tee, some mad hot jim morrison cop shades, and a mad cool purse. yeah. and then we came back to the high school and i chilled with greg and watched him polevault. damn do i miss track. oh, and im sunburned as a mother because i was over alexs all weekend, and we went for endless walks and layed in the sun. yeah. we have some good times. oh man. and i also stole a cd player for alex because he doesnt have one. this means he will love me forever. so when we're bored as hell and in his room staring at the walls because we're in a different state of mind, well have some good shit to listen too. damn am i thoughtful. anyways, im about to get in trouble for writing in here instead of doing some classwork. so, im out.
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bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch   
03:03am 10/04/2005
mood: awake
mk. so not a lot has happened, but i made up with emily, as its just not fighting about. and, i always say how i hate high school bullshit and how im not into it, and then i realized that this is exactly what it is: bullshit. theres just no space for tension, and i thought about something really depressing. i mean, if i cant even get along with one of my friends, how is the rest of the world supposed to get along, and like, stop world destruction? idk. im not really sure what im saying. emily and stemmie woke me and alex up, which was all good, as i got some chicken bites from gins. mmmmmm. and im a real big fan of "alan", you are one cool person, no matter who judges you for your past. you have changed so damn much and i enjoy chilling with you at the barn, and i hope you stay the way you are. forever. anyways, im over alexs for the weekend, and really hope to be going to the mall soon. i wouldnt mind going now, but its a little late, id say around 3 a.m. haha. good song. anyways, im off to watch south park with the kiddies. peace easy.
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o man   
11:33am 09/04/2005
mood: blah
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